Shameless Plugs!

14 Oct

Today I am guest posting over at Budgets Are Sexy.  If you haven’t yet, check out J-Money.   He has a great financial blog that informs but also makes me laugh!   I’ve been reading him since I started reading blogs.  He just started a new series of guest posts called ‘Side Hustle Seriers‘ and oh!, he had a giveaway last Tuesday….God I love giveaways.  I just wish I would win one dammit.

My main blog is Molly On Money.  I have a new post today on my DIY summer project.  It was CHEAP!

Michael, my husband, has also started his own photo blog.

His blog has all of his projects which range from making beef jerky tocasting aluminum handcuff hearts (that was my Valentine present).  Go check it out and please leave absurd comments…

All of the chickens are doing well.  Last week one of the 5 week old Cornish Rock was having trouble breathing.  I moved her into the medical pen and went off to work.  When I came home Michael had butchered her and we had fried chicken for dinner.  It was delicious….thank you chicken!


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