About Me

Hi, I’m Molly and I love chickens.  Chickens are a great sustainable animal to have around.  The eat bugs and compost (along with some feed) and produce healthy good-for-ya eggs or meat. Chickens are great.  They take little care; if you can take care of a cat you can handle the responsibility of a few chickens.

Michael & Molly with their Polish chickens

My family and I live in Santa Fe, NM  and started raising chickens over ten years ago.  I started with about 4 and currently have almost 100.  I don’t think everyone should have 100 chickens in their backyard but I am a huge advocate of chicken ownership.   If you have a  yard you should have a few chickens in it.  Yes, you most definitely should- no if’s, and’s or but’s!  Once you’ve had some eggs from your own chickens you’ll never go back to buying them at the store.

Have you been thinking about getting chickens but aren’t quite sure how to get started?  Contact me and I’ll talk you through what you”ll need to get a small flock of chickens thriving in your backyard.

My mission is to set you up and get you going into the amazing world of backyard chicken ownership!

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