Layer Chickens


If you had chickens in your backyard you would have eggs like this in your refrigerator….


Pullets are $15 each.  To purchase, contact Molly @ 505-660-3953 or email her at

We do not ship chickens but for a small fee we will deliver within the Santa Fe, NM area or you can come by and pick them up from us and save a few bucks.

We sell pullets which are “teenage” hens.  Our pullets range from 10-14 weeks old.   The advantage to buying pullets is that we’ve already done the work of raising them up through the delicate first part of  their lives.  By the time you get your chickens they are happy, healthy and hardy.  After a few months at your house they will start producing eggs for you at a rate of about 5 eggs per week per chicken.  Although they have been ‘sexed’ we do not guarantee the sex of the chicken.

Currently we are offering two types of pullets:

Easter Eggers:

This is not a breed but a variety of chicken that is similar to Ameraucanas or Araucanas but they do not conform exactly to any breed standard.   They are very reliable producers who lay large to extra large eggs that vary in shade from blue to green to olive to aqua.  (Think green eggs and ham!) Easter Eggers are exceptionally friendly and hardy.   Since they are usually quite friendly to children and humans in general, they are a great choice for a family flock.

Australian Australorps:

A calm and friendly breed who are excellent layers of large light brown eggs. They have a  soft, shiny black plumage with hints of green and purple in the sunlight.  They are hardy in the winter and are exceptionally docile as well as great setters/brooders.

My 4yr old 'Easter Egger'

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