Meat Chickens

2 week old Cornish Rock Chicks


To reserve a chicken  email Molly at or call her at 505-660-3953.

We raise a small number of Cornish Rock  ‘fast-grow’ chickens in Santa Fe County.  The are raised in humane conditions.  These birds receive fresh air, exercise and sunshine.  Oh, did I mention, we talk to them everyday.

No pesticides

No meat by-products

No antibiotics or drugs

No growth enhancers

No hormones

The birds are housed in an indoor coop at night and free-range outdoors during the day.  Because of the huge predator problem last season we are moving away from the portable pasture pens.

We take reservations with pick up starting in May.  They are available for pick up only and we will have more details as the chickens get a bit bigger as to the exact day of pick up.

The chickens will come dressed and bagged (as if you bought it at Whole Foods Market) ready to be cooked up or stored in your freezer.  We sell whole chickens only and are sold at $4.50/lb.


8 week old Cornish Rock in the chicken tractor

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