Are Your Organic Eggs Getting Fresh Air?

10 Oct

This article makes ya want to run out and get a few chickens for your backyard:


A VERY Pretty Chicken Coop

1 Sep

People often ask me how elaborate a chicken coop needs to be.  My response is, make it simple.   If you’ve been thinking about getting a few backyard chickens get a few (not 50).  Although my chickens have lots of space they don’t ‘need’ it.  If they do they will let you know- they can be stressed out little creatures!

Here is a great example of the simple type of chicken coop I envision for first time backyard chicken enthusiasts.  I love this website because it shows a chicken coop that is simple to build and yet enough space for 3-4 chickens.   A class from Oakland International High School in California worked with Just Fine Design to build this lovely little coop.

Here is the webpage that has a bunch more photos and information on this chicken coop:

Chicken Movies!

18 Aug

Our sturdy little digital camera also functions as a video camera.  Last month when we started butchering the chickens for the first time we caught some of the action on video.  I’m so excited I just had to post them!

FYI-There is no gore or blood!

Here’s the prep of the chicken (before it is killed)

Notice I did not include a clip of the kill.  Although I’m a firm believer that you should know how your food is processed I’m not ready to publish the ‘killing clip’.  This next clip is after the chicken has been killed and shows our great and amazing home-made plucker!

New Chicks!

16 Aug

Blue Silkies

I couldn’t stop myself!  We will have more babies chicks arriving the first week of September.

I mixed it up a bit a got some Rhode Island Reds, Austrolorpes, Easter Eggers, Buff Orpingtons AND one of favorite bantam breeds……Blue Silkies!

They will be ready for pick up the first week of November!

Cooking a Chicken with Christopher Walken

27 Jul

My cousin Corey found this video of Christopher Walken cooking a chicken in his kitchen.  It’s a great recipe and you get to watch Christopher Walken cook. What a great combination!  Enjoy!

My Backyard Chickens

17 May

I’ve had chickens in my backyard for over ten years now.  They are an easy pet that have provided me with great pest control and yummy eggs to eat.  This past Spring my husband, Michael, and I decided to take our hobby one step further- raise meat chickens!

My sweet 'silkie'

At this site you can purchase laying chickens or processed meat chickens.  We do it for our pleasure and to torture (really, its character building)  our children.  At this point it is not a money-making venture but rather an idea that was sprouted at the dinner table. One night we were brainstorming how to get closer to the food we eat and create more sustainability on our 2.5 acres in the high desert of Santa Fe County.  Like most of Michael and my ideas we got a little carried away and ordered more baby chickens than we could ever eat.  Our hope for this summer is to share our healthy chickens with our neighbors and get people involved in the backyard chicken craze (or at least I’m trying to create that ‘craze’)!

My 'sultan' (in front) backed by my 'mille fleur' and 'polish'

Why a blog?  Well, I started blogging a little less than a year ago and I when I thought of ways to get the word out about my chicken passion it was what was close to home.

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